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Message from the Director

Thank you for visiting the Medical Access Japan web site.

Since its founding in 2003, Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. has provided medical assistance services to Japanese who become sick or injured overseas. We have built a network that includes doctors and medical institutions in Japan, as well as medical institutions and assistance companies around the world. Our network stands ready to meet patients’ various needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have provided medical transportation and a whole range of assistance services. Our exacting services have won praise for being responsive to patients’ needs. Now we are expanding services for non-Japanese.

In February 2011, we registered as the first Visa for Medical Stay guarantor (registered healthcare coordinator, etc.) in Japan. At that time, we initiated our service related to medical tourism for non-Japanese.Our services make it possible for non-Japanese to get treatment and exams at medical institutions in Japan. Services include consulting to help patients choose a medical institution, making travel arrangements, helping patients get a medical visa (Visa for Medical Stay), medical interpreting, and so on. Since 2011, more than 3,000 customers from 50 countries have received such medical services as treatment and check-up in Japan through our company.

We endeavor to offer a rich service menu so more patients from around the world can access Japan’s world-class medical technology and services.

General Manager, International Medical Coordination Department
Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd.

About the “Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company certification”

The “Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company certification” is a system established by the “Medical Globalization Task Force” in the Headquarters for Healthcare Policy of the Japanese government to develop accredited medical travel companies that are able to provide high-quality support services to international patients to enable them to receive medical care services in Japan in comfort, and to extensively promote these companies both domestically and internationally.

In September 2015, the Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. was approved as meeting the certification criteria of an “Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company” and was the first company in Japan to obtain “official certification” from Medical Excellence JAPAN, which is a certifying body of this system.

Headquarters for Healthcare Policy, Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet

We will continue to improve the quality of our services.

Why Choose Medical Access Japan?

1. A wide network of Japanese medical institutions

We have partnerships with ~750 medical institutions in Japan. At present, more than 100 medical institutions accept international patients for treatment and examination in coordination with us.

2. One-stop service for international patients to access medical care in Japan

We offer a series of coordinating services for international patients wishing to receive treatment and examination at medical institutions in Japan, including support for obtaining a Visa for Medical Stay, selecting appropriate medical institutions and arranging for a medical interpreter.

3. Multilingual interpretation for patients worldwide

We can provide interpreters in a wide range of languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Mongolian, Indonesian, Italian, Thai, Georgian, Spanish and Vietnamese. For English, Chinese and Russian, our specialized staff offer 24-hour assistance.

4. Reliable service even in emergency

We meet various demands through our 24-hour call center service in English, Chinese, and Russian. We also provide emergency support, such as transportation to a hospital, based on the expertise obtained through our medical assistance services.