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User Comments

Since 2011, more than 3,000 customers from 50 countries have received such medical services as treatment and check-up in Japan through our company. Here, we introduce the comments of some of the international patients.
* The comments are the personal opinions of individuals, and the same effects are not guaranteed for all.

Comments Regarding Treatment

I had surgery to remove my tumor and also underwent a course of chemotherapy in my home country. I needed to proceed with radiotherapy, but the tumor was located near the spine, and was untreatable. I learned that there was a possibility to treat it with heavy ion radiotherapy and decided to take it. I had considered treatment in other countries, but the quick and excellent response from the coordinating company and competitive fees convinced me that treatment in Japan was the best option. The treatment in Japan was very practical, and I was impressed with the very high level of expertise. The staff at the hospital were very understanding, and I am extremely happy with the coordinating service.

Male patient from the Republic of Colombia / Osteosarcoma / Heavy ion radiotherapy

I had surgery in Russia, but only a small part was removed, and my symptoms had not gotten any better. I heard of a famous Japanese doctor who was visiting a Russian hospital, and I decided that I wanted to go to Japan to be treated by this doctor. I am very pleased that I was able to receive treatment that only a skilled Japanese doctor could provide. The surgeon removed the lesion to the maximum extent possible at that time. I am planning to go to Japan within the next couple of years to have the lesion removed completely.

Female patient from Russia / Brain tumor (benign) / Brain tumor resection surgery

I was planning to receive radiotherapy in China, but my physician told me that half of my face, along with my eye will need to be taken out. The day before I was due to start radiotherapy in China, by pure chance, I set my eyes on the brochure introducing carbon-ion radiotherapy. I looked it up and found that the only place in Asia that this treatment was available was in Japan and decided to go. Thanks to heavy ion radiotherapy, my face and eye is still intact. I had thought that I would need a lot of help during my two-month treatment, and asked my family and friends to accompany me to Japan. But there was no need. The Japanese hospital system was much more efficient compared to those in China, and the flow from reception to payment went very smoothly. I want to give a big thank you to my doctors, and everybody in Japan. I will definitely go back to Japan for my follow-up consultations.

Female patient from China / Right maxillary sinus cancer (adenoid cystic cancer) / Heavy ion radiotherapy

I had received treatment without effect in another country, and I was told I only had three months left to live. A year has passed since I had a transcatheter arterial chemoembolization in Japan, and although I have been treated four times during the course of this year, my condition is such that I am able to go to work every day. I told my acquaintances of my experience, and some have already decided to be treated in Japan.

Male patient from the Republic of Georgia / Liver metastasis of colorectal cancer / Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization

I was due for a tumorectomy in another country, but I was told that I would lose my hearing and my face would remain paralyzed. I was then operated on in Japan, and the result of this is that I kept my hearing and the face paralysis was only temporary, so I am naturally delighted at these results.

Female patient from the Republic of Belarus / Acoustic neurinoma / Brain surgery

I was told in my own country that I would have to have my breast completely removed. Post-operative tests in Japan indicated that radiotherapy would cure me and allow me to keep my breast, which made me so happy. I still keep in contact with my coordinator even after returning home, and we meet up when she visits Georgia on business trips.

Female patient from the Republic of Georgia / Breast cancer / Post-operative radiotherapy

I was able to receive heavy ion radiotherapy, which is not available in my country, in Japan. I was very moved by the hospitality of the hospital in Japan.

Male patient from China / Reoccurrence of rectal cancer / Heavy ion radiotherapy

I was given a polite explanation on informed consent prior to surgery, and I was completely satisfied. I intend to have all additional tests in Japan, too.

Male patient from China / Ischaemic heart disease / Catheterization

(From the patient’s mother): Having treatment performed on a small child is an extremely worrying experience, but I was completely satisfied with the Mund Therapie and polite way in which informed consent was explained. My child was operated on twice in my own country, and we were told that there would definitely be after-effects. Only one operation was necessary in Japan and the treatment ended without any after-effects, for which I am truly grateful.

Male infant patient from China / Congenital epicanthic folds / Plastic surgery

My tumor has shrunk in size and so far there is no sign of any after-effects, so I am extremely satisfied.

Male patient from China / Chordoma on the base of the skull / Heavy ion radiotherapy

I received surgery in Japan that was not available in any other country. My illness was cured, and I am extremely grateful.

Female patient from Malaysia / Cerebral aneurysm / Clipping surgery

Comments Regarding the Doctors and Staff

In China, I saw a leading Japanese orthopedic surgeon who referred me to the hospital in Japan where I had surgery. After surgery everything was stable, so they proceeded to fit me with a prosthetic leg. It all went very smoothly. The doctors, nurses, and physical therapists provided excellent care, so I decided to continue treatment in Japan. I plan to tell my relatives and friends about the wonderful treatment available in Japan.

Male patient from China / Knee rotationplasty and post-operative rehabilitation (including fitting with prosthesis)

The treatment I needed was not available in my own country, and I was told that the only option I had was to wait for terminal care. I was so delighted to discover that a cure was available in Japan. The coordinator arranged everything in a very short space of time, and I was very moved by the careful and friendly way in which I was taken care of.

Female patient from Russia / Pancreatic cancer / Heavy ion radiotherapy

I have been to other countries for treatment, but my visit to Japan was the first time I had met a doctor I was able to completely trust, which was delightful. I had no qualms about leaving everything up to the doctor. I intend to tell all of my friends and acquaintances who are considering treatment in Japan about my experiences after I return home.

Female patient from Russia / Arthrosis / Artificial joint replacement surgery

The coordinator responded to all of my needs while I was preparing for my visit, and this helped soothe my anxieties. The treatment I received in Japan has resulted in my condition improving to such a level that I am able to continue with my daily life without any problem and return to work.

Patient from China / Dry-eye / Application of Boston lenses

I am extremely grateful for the way in which the doctors provided me with full post-surgery explanations.

Patient from Saudi Arabia / Liver cancer / Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization

I wanted to get to Japan as quickly as I could. The coordinator introduced me to a suitable hospital and arranged for my treatment, and I am completely satisfied.

Patient from Canada / Nasopharyngeal cancer

Miscellaneous Comments

(Message from the family of a patient who passed away after returning home): Although we are all very sad, we are really thankful for the opportunity you provided to allow our father to be treated in Japan. We are extremely grateful to the Japanese doctors and hospital, and to the coordinator who arranged everything.

Male patient from Russia / Prostate cancer bone metastasis / Chemotherapy

(Message from the family of a patient who passed away after returning home): My mother was told that she had only one week to live after her illness was diagnosed in our own country. The swiftness in the way the Medical Access Japan coordinator made all of the arrangements allowed her to receive treatment in Japan. This extended her life to six months, and the entire family is sincerely grateful for the happiness we were able to share with our mother during that time.

Female patient from Russia / Malignant brain tumor / Cyber-knife surgery