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Med in Japan joined the seminar in Saudi Arabia

According to Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry’s strategy in 2012 to promote the medical equipment and services in overseas, Med in Japan hosted the seminar on “Consortium Seminar on Export of Japanese Radiotherapy Solution to Middle East Radiotherapy Centers.”

Key speakers at the seminar were two leading Japanese experts: Dr. Masahiro Hiraoka Previous director of Japanese Radiotherapy Association; and Professor Dr. Hirohiko Tsujii (Fellow from National Institute of Radiological Sciences). They gave the lecture on “Excellent Radiotherapy in Japan” and exchanged the viewpoints and needs on radiotherapy in Saudi Arabia with the key persons from Saudi Arabian universities and hospitals.

15 December 2012: King Abdulaziz University Hospital
16 December 2012: King Saud University’s hospital (King Khalid University Hospital)

Med in Japan is willing to lead some more activities to promote the bilateral development on healthcare exchange between Saudi Arabia and Japan.

Professor Dr. TSUJII Dr. HIRAOKA Commemorative photo with University Executives