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My Experience with Heavy-ion Radiation Therapy in Japan

Ms. “WS” is a Russian woman living in New Zealand. When she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she decided to seek treatment in Japan. Ms. WS shared with us some of her impressions. When I was diagnosed with pancreatic  cancer, I was in shock. The shock was even worse, however, when the doctor informed me that there was nothing he could do for me in New Zealand. But despite this dismal state of affairs, I did not give up! My family and I searched the internet for any treatment available anywhere.

Both Japan and the U.S.A. offered possibilities, and we had difficulty deciding which to pursue. But we finally choose Japan because the therapies available there appeared to be the most advanced.

My family contacted the Japanese consulate regarding obtaining a visa. There, we were introduced to Emergency Assistance Japan as the organization assisting with all aspects of arrangements in Japan, including the “medical-stay” visa application process.

I was deeply impressed with EAJ’s willingness and caring right from the day I called. They were able to recommend a hospital and therapy best suited to my particular type of cancer. Since contacting EAJ, everything has moved very quickly and smoothly. I am surer than ever that ‘hope is not yet over’. I was right not to give up and to call EAJ.

Not only was the hospital that treated me extremely competent and advanced, but the hospital staff were excellent. I was deeply impressed and moved by their kindness toward me and their concern for me as a patient.

Furthermore, EAJ continued their support and assistance throughout the course of treatment. The level of care provided by EAJ’s staff when I went into the hospital was unexpected. With EAJ standing by to interpret, the doctors, technicians, and nurses were able to answer all of my questions and explain to me everything that I needed to know about the treatment. As a result of this attention I was able to undergo treatment with very little anxiety and fear.

I am much relieved to have just finished my course of heavy-ion radiation therapy and look forward to my follow-up evaluation.

Med in Japan Newsletter No.1 July 2012