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Understand Japan: Upon Arrival

Understand Japan: Upon ArrivalAre you worried about transportation arrangements and your ability to communicate upon arrival in Japan? Rest assured that EAJ will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall and will see to it that all of your needs are met right up to your departure. We will accompany you from the airport to your place of stay, whether that is a hotel or a hospital.

If you wish to see more of Japan, we will also help you to make the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements, whether that involves travel by air, rail, coach, or hired automobile. As well as facilitating your access to Japanese medical care, our goal is to make your stay in Japan enjoyable and memorable. And since you will also have 24-hour access to our language and concierge services hotline, help will always be just a phone call away.

Please keep in mind that standard electrical current in Japan is 100V. If you plan to bring electrical equipment with you for use in Japan, we recommend that you acquire an appropriate electrical adaptor. You can acquire Japanese yen by exchanging money at the airport or at foreign exchange counters at major banks.

Med in Japan Newsletter No.1 July 2012