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Cosmetic Surgery in Japan: Medical visa support from embassy in the third country

Med in Japan received a request from Mr. ZC, a foreign national, for assistance in obtaining a medical stay visa for purposes of undergoing cosmetic surgery in Japan. As Mr. ZC was currently studying abroad in country A, we contacted the Japanese consulate in country A in order to arrange issuance of the visa.

Med in Japan’s visa specialist reviewed Mr. ZC’s visa application. We also contacted the medical facility with which Mr. ZC had made direct arrangements to confirm that the appointment was in order. After receiving an officially endorsed confirmation of appointment from the medical facility, Med in Japan in turn issued a certified letter of personal guarantee to the consulate in country A. As this was the first time that the consulate in country A had ever issued a medical-stay visa, Med in Japan communicated directly with the consulate by telephone and email to ensure that the process went smoothly. As a result, the visa was issued within four days after the application was filed.

Furthermore, to ensure that Mr. ZC did not encounter any difficulties at Japanese immigration, Med in Japan prepared a letter to be shown to the immigration officials explaining the purpose of Mr ZC’s visit and the address and telephone number of the hotel where he would be staying.

A staff member of Med in Japan met Mr. ZC at arrival in the airport and accompanied him to the hotel. During the journey to the hotel, the staff member briefed Mr. ZC on Japanese culture and what to expect and what to avoid during his stay. Moreover, Med in Japan also provided Mr. ZC with a mobile phone for use during his stay and advised him of Med in Japan’s 24-hour help line service number.

As Mr. ZC spoke good English, medical interpretation or translation was not necessary. After undergoing examination, the physician in charge of the examination confirmed that the procedure that Mr. ZC was requesting could be performed. However, because the earliest opening for operation was two weeks in advance, he decided to return home, to reapply for a second medical-stay visa, and to come back before the operation.

Med in Japan informed Mr. ZC of the medical facility’s proposed scheduling of the operation. After consideration, however, Mr. ZC decided to postpone the operation until after completion of studies.

Cosmetic Surgery: Typical Sequence of Events
1. Confirmation of appointment date for examination by email
2. At time of examination, patient is interviewed for medical history and advised regarding the procedures, risks, and costs associated with the operation
3. The date of the operation is confirmed
4. The patient undergoes the operation
5. A follow-up examination is conducted

Persons desiring to receive medical treatment in Japan may contact Med in Japan to obtain medical referrals, support in obtaining medical stay-visas, payment agency services, medical interpretation and translation, and other related services.

Med in Japan under operation of Emergency Assistance Japan is the first Japanese corporation officially authorized medical-stay visa facilitator and guarantor agency.





Med in Japan Newsletter No.2 September 2012