For Medical Institutions

About Medical Travel Assistance Company

Since certified as a “Medical Travel Assistance Company” in 2015, EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE JAPAN, Co. Ltd., has been striving to improve the quality of its coordination services as a leading medical travel assistance company, so that medical institutions can receive patients from overseas with peace of mind.

We partner with many medical institutions.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE JAPAN, INC. works with a number of medical institutions in Japan to provide services for receiving foreign patients, and is introduced on the websites of many of these partner institutions. Please see this PDF for an example listing.

Examples of our company displayed on websites of medical institutions in Japan

If a medical institution designates our company as the contact point for inquiries, it will facilitate the smooth acceptance of foreign patients. If your medical institution seeks partnership opportunities, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Are you having trouble with these issues?

・A patient wants to be treated in Japan, but does not know the proper route as to how to access.
・A patient wants to know about visas to go to Japan for treatment.
・A patient was able to receive treatment in Japan after consulting with a doctor whom the patient knew in Japan!
・A patient doesn’t have an interpreter when he/she is admitted to a Japanese hospital. How can he/she translate a referral letter or test results?
Japan Emergency Assistance Co., Ltd. assists medical institutions in Japan in receiving foreign patients. Our medical coordinators can help medical institutions and patients to make various arrangements, thereby eliminating various anxieties of medical institutions. Please refer to this page for information on our qualifications and affiliated organizations.
・guarantor agency