Patient’s Stories / The Stories of Coordinator

Since the start of service in 2011, 5800 customers from 52 countries (as of August 2023) have received treatment, examinations, etc. in Japan through our company. Here you will find some of the cases that EAJ has coordinated and some of the comments we have received from foreign patients through now.
*The information contained herein is based on personal impressions and does not guarantee the same effects as those experienced.

1.【The story of coordinator】 Chordoma, which is difficult to treat, is treated with heavy ion therapy.The treatment is minimally invasive procedure on a walk-in basis, so accompanying families can go sightseeing.

2.【The story of coordinator】Case Study “BNCT treatment of children suffering glioblastoma.” Accompanying a 7-year-old boy and his family member

3.【The story of coordinator】「Starving cancer to death」Accompanying a patient who underwent Transcatheter Arterial Embolization

4.【The story of coordinator】Artificial joint replacement enables a female patient to run. The patient was impressed by the doctor who accurately pointed out her general medical condition at a glance.

5.【The story of coordinator】 who tried Stem Cell Supernatant. Anti-aging. The key ingredient is “dashi soup.”

6.【The story of coordinator】Treatment of malignant melanoma (melanoma) with proton beam.

7.【The story of coordinator】Heavy ion radiotherapy after surgery/chemotherapy for osteosarcoma of the spine.

8.【The story of coordinator】POEM treatment for esophageal achalasia and problems at the esophageal-gastric junction.

9.【The story of coordinator】“Have a nice trip to Japan for patients undergoing dialysis ” So many things have to be done to search for a medical institution that can provide dialysis for a traveler

10.【The story of coordinator】Pediatric specialty hospital “National Center for Child Health and Development Hospital (NCCHD)” Living donor liver transplant was performed for congenital biliary atresia, and the baby has gotten better

11.【The story of coordinator】Myocardial regeneration treatment using autologous skeletal muscle myoblast sheet Recovered enough to remove pacemaker and study abroad

  • China / Rhabdomyosarcoma

    My child was first treated with chemotherapy in his home country, but we decided to consider proton beam therapy in Japan for radical cure. Fortunately, EAJ was able to quickly introduce us to the appropriate Japanese hospital and they assisted us with medical stay visa procedures, medical interpretation, and logistical arrangements. I was able to leave for Japan with peace of mind.

    In a Japanese hospital, doctors explained everything to my satisfaction and helped me understand the treatment process and risks. The nurses and staff were extremely helpful and I received pleasant care. This eased my anxiety about treatment and I felt that my child received treatment in a comfortable environment. The child gained 2 kg weight during the treatment period!

    The treatment experience in Japan was invaluable to my entire family. I would like to speak to my friends about the excellence of Japan’s advanced medical services.

  • Kuwait / Familial adenomatous polyposis

    After trying treatments in other countries, we chose endoscopic treatment in Japan without hesitation. This decision turned out to be a great success. The reason being that Japan is the only country in the world where a reliable treatment exists for the hereditary condition that affects both me and my child.
    We were deeply impressed by the experienced approach and warm care provided by the Japanese medical professionals. Moreover, the support from coordinators and interpreters has been extremely valuable to us.
    For the past three years, we have been consistently receiving treatment in Japan and plan to continue doing so regularly in the future.

  • Indonesia / Prostate cancer

    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer thru biopsy with Gleason score 4+4=8, and treatment with radiotherapy generally is using photon, and Japan is the only country has heavy ion / Carbon Ion Radiotherapy with long experiences that can give more precise and more effective treatment..

    Really appreciate for the dedicated doctors and all competent hospital staff, and also a very good medical interpreter.

    And very important also thru good communication with EAJ staff in helping me getting medical visa, everything was done smoothly since airport pick up, and sending me back to the airport after finish all the treatment..

    More importantly the treatment has been successful, with no incontinence and no impotent.
    And I maintain Cancer free after nearly 3 years treatment and maintain a very low PSA without hormone therapy.