Emergency Assistance Japan

Hope for patients

Medical and healthcare tourism services of
a higher grade offered by a medical solution provider

3 strengths of EAJ

  • 01

    Number of affiliated medical institutions (in Japan): 2,600

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  • 02

    Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company (AMTAC) The first company in Japan to obtain “official certification”

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  • 03

    More than 5,200 customers from 52 countries (as at August 2023)

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Services of EAJ

  • STEP1


    • Please contact us using the inquiry form.
    • We will let you know what documents we need.
  • STEP2

    Coordination of medical examinations

    • We will inform you of the result as to whether a medical institution will accept or not.
    • We will request you a payment in advance for estimated medical expenses.
  • STEP3

    Preparation for coming to Japan

    • We assist you for obtaining a medical stay visa.
    • We arrange accommodation, air tickets, interpreters and so on.
  • STEP4

    Arrangements, from traveling to Japan, medical examination to returning Home

    • An interpreter will accompany you during your visit to clinic.
    • A 24-hour call center is available during your stay.
    • We will follow up after your returning home.

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