Kidney(Renal failure)

【The story of coordinator】“Have a nice trip to Japan for patients undergoing dialysis ” So many things have to be done to search for a medical institution that can provide dialysis for a traveler


Due to the increase in lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, the number of patients undergoing dialysis is on the rise. Along with this, the number of hospitals and clinics where dialysis is available has increased, creating an environment that is less stressful for patients for whom dialysis is a part of their daily lives, and an increasing number of people are enjoying traveling while undergoing dialysis. Overseas patients undergoing dialysis are no exception, and EAJ receives inquiries asking for introductions to dialysis medical institutions while traveling in Japan.

A family trip to Japan that a patient cannot wait and is so excited

This patient developed a kidney disease a long time ago, and since then he has had to undergo dialysis several times a week, but is an active person who enjoys traveling abroad several times a year. The other day, EAJ was contacted by the patient. “I’m planning to travel around Japan for a few weeks, but I’ve contacted several hospitals and clinics about dialysis, but I can’t find one that accepts dialysis. If it continues to be like this, I’m going to have to cancel my trip to Japan.”  he said. In fact, this patient was suffering from severe diabetes, and the medical institution he contacted told him that the dialysis schedule and protocol needed to be checked in advance and carefully adjusted. The medical institutions also pointed out that it was necessary to check the emergency response protocols for complications arising out of abnormal blood sugar levels and other symptoms. He was asked to submit dialysis records and other medical information at this early stage of inquiries, as its result, he was worried whether he would be admitted.

Collaboration with our consultant doctors! Locating an appropriate medical institutions

Upon receiving the call from the patient, our medical coordinators immediately started action. They looked for a medical institution that would accept my patient’s special situation, but unfortunately they could not find one right away. Therefore, they consulted with their consultant doctor, made full use of his network of doctors, explained the situation on a doctor-to-doctor basis, and asked if there is any medical institution that could accept the request. As a result, EAJ was able to receive responses from several medical institutions that said the patient could be admitted, and was able to convey this good news to the patient. After that, our coordinator arranged the patient’s schedule and the reservation at a dialysis medical institution, and the patient was able to safely secure a dialysis medical institution during the trip. The patient was happy to be able to see snow for the first time in Japan.

There are many medical institutions in Japan that provide dialysis treatment, but when providing dialysis for traveling foreigners, there are many issues such as coordinating reservations up until the day of dialysis, accounting for patients who are not covered by insurance, language issues, and concerns about emergency response. For some reasons, it may not be possible to locate where to accept the patient. EAJ can work with its consultant doctors to introduce a patient to appropriate medical institutions. If you are looking for a medical institution that can provide dialysis for traveler while traveling in Japan, please contact EAJ.