Thermotherapy for Cancer


Cancer cells are usually more sensitive to heat than normal cells and can be damaged when exposed to high temperatures. Cancer thermotherapy is a method of treating cancer by using this property to warm cancer cells in a localized area of cancer. It is sometimes used in combination with other cancer therapies (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.) to improve the effectiveness of treatment.The most common thermal therapies are hyperthermia, in which hot water or electromagnetic waves are applied to cancer cells, and Microwave Ablation, in which microwaves or radio waves are used to heat cancer cells.


Hyperthermia is a method of treating cancer cells by heating them to high temperatures. To introduce high temperatures to the cancer site in the patient’s body, heat can be applied externally or a local heat source can be placed in the cancer tissue. Mainly, breast cancer, cervical cancer, deep cancerous tissue, and recurrent cancer are applicable.

・Microwave Ablation:

Microwave Ablation is a treatment that uses high-frequency microwaves to heat and necrosis cancer tissue. Microwave Ablation uses a special antenna inserted into the cancer tissue to generate high-frequency microwaves. This heats the tissue and destroys cancer cells. It is used primarily for the local treatment of solid tumors such as liver and kidney cancer. Brain and lung cancer may also be applicable.