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Brain and Spinal Cord

Pituitary adenoma

Skull base tumor

Metastatic brain tumor

Pediatric Brain Tumors

Spinal cord tumor

Cancer of the oral cavity, nose, throat, and eyes

Tongue cancer

Oral cancer

Cheilitic cancer

Maxillary sinus cancer

Pharyngeal cancer

Laryngeal cancer

Ocular tumor


Uveal melanomas

Orbital tumor

Eyelid tumor

Respiratory cancers

Mediastinal tumor

Cancer pleurisy

Pleural malignant mesothelial carcinoma

Chest wall tumor

Gastrointestinal cancer

Peritoneal Tumor

Small intestinal tumor

Biliary tract cancer

Breast cancer

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Gynecologic Cancer


Ovarian cancer

Fallopian tube cancer

Vulvar cancer

Vaginal cancer

Urologic cancers

Renal cancer

Testicular tumor

Penile cancer

Bone and muscle cancer


Ewing sarcoma

Malignant soft-tissue tumor

Endocrine gland tumor

Thyroid tumor

Parathyroid tumor

Adrenal tumor

Pancreatic Langerhans tumor

Ectopic hormone-producing tumor

Blood and lymphatic cancers

Malignant lymphoma

Adult T-cell leukemia (ATL)


Childhood cancer

Childhood leukemia (acute and chronic)

Malignant lymphoma

Brain tumor



Wilms tumor

Liver cancer

Malignant bone tumor


Testicular tumor

Ovarian cancer

Other than cancer