Treatment(Heavy Ion Therapy)

Heavy Ion Therapy Guide


Emergency Assistance Japan Co. Ltd., (EAJ) is pleased to introduce the “Heavy Ion Therapy Guide” that EAJ was involved in the production of the guide. This is the world’s first groundbreaking website supervised by Dr. Hirohiko Tsujii, an authority on heavy particle radiotherapy (Visiting Researcher, International Therapeutic Research Center, QST Hospital, Japan Atomic Energy Research Foundation), and other physicians from all heavy particle radiotherapy facilities in Japan. For those who are interested in undergoing treatment, the site provides easy-to-understand explanations of heavy particle therapy with illustrations and computer graphics videos, as well as referrals to facilities where heavy particle therapy is available.

Please also refer to the website of the Particle Beam Cancer Consultation Clinic (, where outpatient second opinions about heavy particle therapy are available.

If you are interested in heavy particle therapy, please visit our Web site.