Important Notice

The Med in Japan service name is changing to Medical Access Japan (MAJ).

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We are certified as an Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company.
Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. recently obtained official certification as an “Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Company,” which is a coordinating company that is able to provide high-quality support services to international patients to enable them to receive medical care services at their ease in Japan.

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What is Medical Access Japan?

We are specialists in medical assistance.
Medical Access Japan is a medical tourism service offered by Emergency Assistance Japan Co., Ltd. After securing a broad network of Japanese medical institutions and coordinating expertise through our medical assistance business over the course of 12 years, in 2011 we began providing a wide range of services needed by international patients to access medical care in Japan. These services include help with selecting medical institutions, obtaining a Visa for Medical Stay, and arranging a medical interpreter, as well as lifestyle support during their stay in Japan.