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Dr. Akihiko Kawai

Graduated from Hokkaido University School of Medicine. Practiced and served in heart transplantation at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. After returning to Japan, Dr, Kawai organized a heart transplant team as an associate professor at Tokyo Women's Medical University. After practicing at Tokyo Takanawa Hospital, he opened Koishikawa International Clinic in 2017. Dr. Kawai has a great deal of experience in medical care for international patients.

“Rybelsus ” also used as a diabetes treatment

Our body originally has a hormone called GLP-1, which is secreted from the small intestine when we eat. This hormone is responsible for lowering blood glucose levels by stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin when blood glucose levels are high.

“Rybelsus ” is oral medicine containing an ingredient called “Semaglutide,” which has an action similar to GLP-1. Conventional diabetes medications include those that lower blood sugar by releasing sugar into the urine for elimination and those that have a hypoglycemic effect. The former included the risk of urinary tract infections, and the latter included the risk of lowering blood glucose levels too much and causing hypoglycemia. The advantage of “Rybelsus ” is that it is relatively free from such side effects.

How ” Rybelsus ” Loses Weight

Suppressing appetite

It has an effect to slow down the movement of gastrointestinal tract, which slows the rate of food digestion. This makes a patient to feel fuller with a smaller-than-normal amount of food. This action is expected to have the effect of naturally decreasing food intake and preventing overeating.

Burning visceral fat

Increased insulin levels ensure that blood glucose levels are properly controlled, which facilitates the efficient consumption of sugar as an energy source in muscles and other cells.  Fat, especially easily burnable visceral fat as another source of energy, is burned more easily.

Improving basal metabolism

It acts on fat cells to increase basal metabolism by facilitating heat production. In addition, it has the ability to facilitate the breakdown of fat.

Online prescription at Koishikawa International Clinic

Koishikawa International Clinic offers online medical care and prescriptions for ” Rybelsus ” Follow-up online visits are provided at the initial visit, one week, and three weeks later to manage side effects and other issues, and to receive prescriptions for up to 60 days. Koishikawa International Clinic can not only prescribe medications, but also ensure that the medications are taken under the supervision of a physician. Please contact us for more information about sending medicines overseas.