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Health Care in “Longevity Nation” Japan

Japan is known as one of the countries with the longest life expectancy in the world. This is deeply related to Japan’s unique health care philosophy and lifestyle, in which the Japanese view of health emphasizes regulating one’s physical condition from the “pre-symptomatic” stage, before illness occurs. Daily lifestyle habits, especially diet, exercise, and mental stability, are the foundation for supporting a healthy and long life. The traditional Japanese diet contains well-balanced nutrients and supports health from both inside and outside the body. In addition, the custom of living in harmony with nature and enjoying the four seasons has taken root, contributing to mental stability and stress reduction.  In addition, the clinic incorporates not only Western medicine, but also traditional therapies, and is characterized by an approach that emphasizes balance throughout the body.

Health care menu that EAJ can provide in line with the idea of “undiagnosed medical conditions”

Dietary balance:

The ideal diet should be balanced in terms of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. EAJ offers a “Bacteria Health Checkup” that gives customers advice on the condition of their intestines and how to improve their diet by interviewing them about their usual dietary habits and examining their intestinal microflora (intestinal flora) through a simple stool test. For nutrients that cannot be supplemented by diet alone, EAJ provides a selection of supplements tailored to the individual’s dietary needs. As a member of the Japan Health & Nutrition Food Association, EAJ is able to recommend selected, safe, quality health foods to our customers.

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Moderate exercise:

To maintain good health, it is important to make walking and light daily exercise a habit, not necessarily hard exercise. EAJ can provide you with qualified trainers who have a systematic mastery of scientific training and can provide individualized training in multiple languages. For those who need to lose some weight first before starting to exercise, EAJ offers minimally invasive bariatric surgery.

Mental Health:

Through meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation, the program aims to stabilize the mind, reduce stress, and restore the body and mind. Sleep is also a very important factor in obtaining quality rest for a healthy mind and body. If you feel tired after sleeping, for example, you may not be able to breathe properly during sleep due to apnea. The condition of breathing during sleep is examined, and if there is a problem, the patient is fitted with an opportunity called CPAP, which delivers air to help them sleep comfortably.

Traditional treatment (Chinese herbal medicine):

This approach uses traditional therapies such as Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture and moxibustion to restore balance to the body and enhance the body’s natural healing powers. One of the characteristics of Japanese traditional herbal medicine is that doctors who have acquired knowledge and academic systems of Western medicine treat patients from both Eastern and Western medicine approaches. EAJ will provide a service that offers “undiagnosed symptom checkups” to determine the degree of aging and risk factors for aging, and based on the results of these checkups, patients can receive a consultation with a traditional herbal specialist and receive a prescription for traditional herbal medicine.

Health assessment and human health checkup:

Regular health assessment and human health checkup to detect health abnormalities at an early stage can help prevent disease.

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Anti-aging menus promising the effects of lifestyle improvements

Anti-Aging and Well Aging

It is important for anti-aging and health maintenance to improve lifestyle habits by paying attention to diet, exercise, and rest (sleep), and to maintain an appropriate weight. As a starting point, EAJ offers a menu that promises the effects of lifestyle improvements. For example, stem cell culture supernatant solution therapy, a type of regenerative medicine, is a medical technology that promotes the improvement and repair of functionally and organically deteriorated organs and tissues by transplanting culture-grown stem cells into the body.

Treatment of Obesity:

Dietary control and exercise are essential to improving obesity, but there may be situations in which weight loss as soon as possible would be extremely detrimental to health, or circumstances in which it would be too much of a burden on the legs and feet to begin exercise unless the weight is lost a little before moving.

As a safe and reliable treatment for weight loss, there is surgical treatment for severe obesity, which involves cutting or clamping the stomach. For those who are obese (BMI 25-30), which is not severe, there are also treatments that do not require surgery, such as simply swallowing a balloon capsule and injecting saline solution. The swallowed balloon is expelled from the body with the stool after a certain period of time. Combined with the support of a nutritionist and other professionals and a management application, the procedure has been very effective, including an extremely low rebound rate.