Complete Medical Checkup. Health Assessment

From Japan Comprehensive health checkup ” human health checkup ” for early detection of disease


The first “human health checkup” introduced in Japan

In the early 1970s, in response to the increase in lifestyle-related diseases that accompanied Japan’s economic growth, a new health checkup system called ” human health checkup ” was introduced for the early detection and prevention of diseases.

With the evolution of technology and the spread of medical care, more detailed examinations and specialized diagnoses have become possible, and human health checkup “” have become an integral part of Japan’s health culture. Today, it is offered at many hospitals and clinics, and a variety of plans exist to meet diverse needs. The name ” human health checkup” comes from the idea that humans should have their bodies checked and inspected periodically, just as ships are periodically docked for inspection and repair.

What is the difference between a physical exam and a human health checkup?

Physical examinations are mainly for basic health checkups. Basic tests such as blood tests, urinalysis, and chest X-rays are performed. In contrast, human health checkups are more detailed and comprehensive. It often includes tests using advanced medical equipment such as endoscopy, MRI, and CT, as well as consultations with medical specialists.

Main Components of human health checkup

Basic examination:

・Blood tests: liver function, kidney function, lipids, sugar, blood cell counts, etc.

・Urinalysis: Early detection of kidney disease and diabetes.

・Chest X-ray: Check for abnormalities in the lungs and heart.

Special Tests:

・Endoscopy: Direct observation of the mucosa of the stomach and large intestine to detect polyps and cancer.

・MRI and CT: High-resolution images of the inside of the body are used to identify tumors and abnormal areas.

・Electrocardiogram: Examines the rhythm and electrical activity of the heart.

Lifestyle habit check:

・Evaluates risk of disease by checking eating habits, exercise habits, smoking and drinking.

Examination by a specialist:

・Each specialist examines the patient based on the patient’s symptoms and test results, and recommends additional tests and treatment if abnormalities are found.

Regular follow-up:

Our partnered medical institutions encourage regular checkups, not just one-time examinations, to catch any changes in health status.

Health Consultation:

Based on test results, specialists provide health consultations and advice on lifestyle improvements and preventive measures.

Unique human health checkup menu

One of the tests on the menu of physical examinations in which Japan excels in particular is colonoscopy. Japan also accounts for 70% of the world’s endoscopic equipment market share and leads the world in inspection technology. EAJ can also refer you to medical facilities that can complete the examination in a short time with minimal pain.

EAJ also offers PET-specific menus, brain docks with special menus that can lead to treatments for new drugs for dementia, bacterial docks that examine the bacterial flora in the colon in detail, health assessments that examine aging and risk factors, and dental-specific docks. If you are interested, please contact EAJ.

Services for foreign nationals at facilities providing human health checkups

Medical institutions that provide physical examinations to foreign clients are providing meticulous services in order to meet international needs.

Multilingual support:

A human health checkup facility specialized for foreign clients has staff and physicians who can provide services in multiple languages, including English and Chinese, or an EAJ interpreter will accompany to the medical checkup and provide interpretation to eliminate language barriers.

Cultural Considerations:

We respect the religious and cultural backgrounds of our foreign guests and will make considerations regarding diet and treatment methods. Please consult us in advance if you have any concerns.

Post-health checkup support:

Explanation of test results and treatment suggestions will be provided in a foreign language or an interpreter will be present. If necessary, post-check follow-up and re-examination support will also be provided through EAJ.

Providing accommodation and travel support:

Many of our customers take a human health checkup while traveling to Japan. EAJ is a licensed travel agency and offers travel arrangements including introduction and arrangement of affiliated hotels and accommodations, as well as airport pick-up and drop-off services. Please feel free to contact us for more information.