List of Medical Institutions providing complete health checkup services

Health Checkup even medical doctors choose. Performed the largest number of PET-CT scans in Japan. More than 8 medical doctors confirm results.


The chairperson of Yotsuya Medicalcube, visiting professor at Tokai University School of Medicine

Dr. Seiei Yasuda

The time that I should have seen doctor then may be now.

The best way to protect yourself from the risk of disease is to have every inch of your body checked annually for early detection. The clinic referred by EAJ, has an astonishing data to indicate that 40% of the patients are medical doctors. What is the Complete Health Checkup Services even medical doctors choose.

Three-stages checking systemSpecialists for each organ check the images in three layers to ensure that any abnormalities are not missed.

The clinic limits the number of patients that can be examined in a day to minimize waiting time. The images taken by the technologist are carefully checked at three levels: by a radiologist, a clinician in each specialty area, and a comprehensive evaluation doctor. Unlike university hospitals and other hospitals, there are no resident doctors. More than eight doctors specialized for each organ who are active on the front lines are involved in making the report, which is over 20 pages long.

1st check by diagnostic imaging specialist

2nd check by more than eight doctors specialized for each organ

3rd check by comprehensive evaluation doctor

The Clinic is the first to introduce PET/CT (Positron Emission Tomography) in Japan. The number of PET/CT scan reached record high.

Dr. Yasuda, the chairman of the clinic, studied PET/CT for many years in the U.S. and other countries, and introduced PET/CT for the first time in Japan. Yotsuya Medical Cube was the first clinic in Tokyo to install a PET/CT system when it opened in 2005, and has a total of more than 135,000 cases, ranking first in Japan. Skilled specialists who are routinely involved in the practice, seeing a wide variety of lesions are also conducting PET/CT screening. The clinic is so particular about the quality of our tests that we even manufacture FDG, a clinical diagnostic reagent, in-house. Because the reagent can be adjusted to fit the physique of each individual, the burden on the examinee is reduced and clearer images can be taken. The clinic recommends for those who have cancer, have a family history of cancer, or are at risk for carcinogenesis such as smoking.

You can enjoy a luxurious lunch in the heart of the city.

The clinic is located in Yotsuya, which is in the heart of the city with easy access, yet has a relaxed atmosphere. A fun part of the health checkup is the restaurant Mikuni Minceur, produced by the master of French cuisine, Seizo Mikuni. Based on the concept of beautiful, tasty, mind- and body-friendly cuisine, the menu focuses on calories and nutritional balance. It makes sense that medical doctors would choose it as their facility of choice for annual health checkups.

Please contact EAJ if foreign nationals wish to have a medical checkup in Japan.