List of Medical Institutions providing complete health checkup services

Complete Health Checkup at Tokyo Takanawa Hospital Health Management Center


Complete Health Checkup at Tokyo Takanawa Hospital Recommended Points

The health management center is a facility attached to a public hospital and provides a high level of medical care. It has excellent access as it is close to Shinagawa Station, a key transportation hub. The health management center plays a leading role in the early detection of cancer and the detection and prevention of lifestyle-related diseases. In addition to basic test items, the center provides a variety of optional tests, including cancer risk tests. As a general rule, the center provides private rooms for people coming from overseas, so that the guests can spend a relaxing time.

Complete Health Checkup Plan provided by Tokyo Takanawa Hospital

■Overnight health checkup plan

This is a comprehensive plan that includes overnight stay at a nearby hotel such as Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa with dinner.

■Express health checkup plan (Friday only/No accommodation)

This is a plan that performs the contents of an overnight health checkup plan in an “express” manner.

■One-day health checkup plan

This is a one-day plan where the guests can take major tests.

■Other options

A variety of options are available, including tests that check the risk of three major diseases, cognitive function, and diabetes with a single blood collection, and DWIBS (Diffusion-weighted Whole body Imaging with Background body signal) which uses high-performance MRI to perform whole-body cancer tests without exposure to radiation.

Please contact EAJ for details including the cost of each plan.