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Sakakibara Heart Institute Clinic specialized for Cardiovascular Checkups


Cardiovascular Checkups provided by Sakakibara Heart Institute Clinic   Recommended points

Sakakihara Heart Institute Clinic was established in 1982 as the outpatient department of Sakakihara Sakakibara Heart Institute, which is highly regarded as one of Japan’s most successful cardiac surgeries and catheter treatments. Although various medical checkups mainly target malignant tumors, this clinic also offers examinations that specialize in preventing cardiovascular diseases. It is important to detect and treat heart and cerebrovascular diseases early, which can cause sudden death and severe reduction of life quality.

There are many types of cardiovascular checkup courses, allowing patients to select their desired examinations, including options. Doctors from the Sakakihara team, which has a long tradition as a cardiovascular hospital, are in charge, and use the latest high-precision equipment. If there is a problem with the judgment of the examination results, the team has a backup system in place so that the data will be used to provide medical care at Sakakihara Heart Institute Clinic and Sakakihara Heart Institute.

Cardiovascular Checkup Plans Sakakibara Heart Institute Clinic

■Plan A (0.5 days)

This is a basic plan that allows a patient to complete the main examinations in half a day.

■Plan B (1 day)

This plan includes thoracic and abdominal CT and head and neck MRI/MRA at Sakakihara Heart Institute, and will be taken completed on the same day.

■Plan C (1 day)

This plan also includes Holter electrocardiography, sleep apnea testing, and coronary angiography CT. (No head and neck MRI/MRA)

■Plan D (2 day)

This is a premium plan that includes head and neck MRI/MRA in addition to plan C.

Please contact Emergency Assistance Japan (EAJ) for details, including selecting cost and options for each plan.

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