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About International University of Health and Welfare Narita Hospital

International University of Health and Welfare has a comprehensive range of faculties in order to train medical staff such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and technicians who can work on globally, and has a total of approximately 11,000 undergraduate and graduate students who are learning across five campuses nationwide.

The university has six affiliated hospitals that also function as clinical training facilities for students, and many related medical and welfare facilities within the group. Narita Hospital is one of the affiliated hospitals of the International University of Health and Welfare, and is the main hospital of the Faculty of Medicine on the Narita Campus.

The main feature of Narita Hospital

Opened in 2020 to meet international medical needs, Narita Hospital is fully equipped with luxurious in-hospital facilities, many private rooms including three VIP rooms, and provides advanced medical care with the latest medical equipment. Also, since Narita Hospital has excellent access from Narita Airport, it is possible to have a complete health checkup on the next day after arriving in Japan and then enjoy traveling within Japan.

Procedure of complete health checkup and equipment

Narita Hospital offers a variety of complete health checkups, including half-day plan, one-day plan, and two-day plan with overnight stay. A visitor can receive his/her medical examination in a dedicated health checkup area in the medical examination building, which is separated from the medical consultation department.

In the dedicated health checkup area, a visitor can relax and receive his/her medical checkup in a privacy-friendly environment. Narita Hospital is proud of having one of the largest health checkup facility in the country, and is unique in that it is easy to make reservations for your desired dates.

Narita Hospital has prepared an area exclusively for international visitors and specialized staff will help them. The medical examination building has prayer rooms for each religion (Islam, Christianity, Buddhism). After completing health checkup, a visitor can enjoy a meal prepared by the chef at the in-house restaurant. If a visitor wishes, he/she can also use the facilities available exclusively, such as the pool, public bath, and fitness area.

Equipped with the latest devices

Examination equipment

MRI tests use 3.0 Tesla equipment. CT examinations use the latest 320-row multi-slice CT, which enables more accurate diagnosis of the whole body in a short examination time. PET-CT is a cancer test that is used to examine the whole body in a single test, enabling early detection, metastasis, recurrence, etc.

Latest treatment technology

Narita Hospital has the Da Vinci surgical robot, the hybrid angiography system that combines an angiography system and an operating room, and the tomotherapy facility that is a cancer radiation treatment system. If an abnormality is found in complete health checkup, Narita Hospital can provide one-stop detailed examination and treatment in cooperation with each medical department.

For those who wish to seek a complete medical checkup at Narita Hospital

Please contact EAJ. We will support an applicant in ensuring a smooth visit, including arranging medical visas, coordinating schedules with hospitals, arranging interpreters, and translating documents.