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Med in Japan Newsletter No.002 September 2012

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Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy:

At the cutting edge of cancer treatment

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Dendritic cell vaccine therapy is a new and highly innovative means of treating cancer. In the therapy, dendritic cells introduced into the body through a vaccine, “teach” the body’s lymphocytes, also known as the immune system’s “strike force”, to recognize cancer cells as a threat and to attack them. .

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Featured Items

Written Second Opinion Service:
Advice from Japanese Expert to your home

To those patients who are incapable of traveling to Japan for treatment or who wish not to travel abroad, Med in Japan offers the option of providing a “written second opinion” with world-leading medical experts in Japan.

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Latest News Articles

Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy in Middle East Female Patient

Mrs.KH from Middle East contacted Med in Japan for the Dendritic Cell Vaccine Therapy (DCVT) in Nagano. Here is a report from our medical coordinator about her case.

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Cosmetic Surgery in Japan: Medical visa support from embassy in the third country

Med in Japan received a request from Mr. ZC, a foreign national, for assistance in obtaining a medical stay visa for purposes of undergoing cosmetic surgery in Japan .

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TS-1 Chemotherapy with Japanese Doctors become easier with the help of Med in Japan

Gastric Cancer is the most predominant cancer found in Japanese population. The treatment on gastric cancer based illness is also one of the main specialties in Japan. Mr. VZ from Georgia shared with Med in Japan Newsletter of his experience .

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News Update: Dhaka (Bangladesh) Office Grand Opening

Japan has one of the most modern and efficient healthcare systems in the world. Now, the doorway to that healthcare system is open to the people of Bangladesh.

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Understand Japan: Accommodations

Hotel and other accommodations may be difficult for foreign visitors to arrange. The visitor may encounter problems in communicating, or in arranging payment or guaranteeing his reservations.

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Health Tips: Kampo, Traditional Japanese Medicine

Not only is Japan a leader in many areas of modern medical science, but it also home to a long tradition of natural and homeopathic remedies known as kampo.

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