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Experiences with the Written Second Opinion Service

Mr. SS, Male with Metastatic Prostrate Cancer, Republic of Georgia
Travel from the Republic of Georgia to Japan can be burdensome for a patient in poor health, especially as there are no direct flights. While the condition of this particular patient was not favorable to travel, the patient nevertheless wanted a Japanese physician to review the treatment plan he was undergoing in Georgia and to advise him with regard to its adequacy. Med in Japan arranged for him to receive a written second opinion that highlighted the Japanese approach to treatment of patients with his condition and that recommended medications not yet being used in his current treatment. The patient was able to pass these recommendations to his treating physician and, as a result, has continued to receive treatment in Georgia.
Ms. ZK, Female with Suspected Malignant Bone Tumor, Mongolia
The patient underwent surgery but was then told that the growth might not be cancerous after all. Her treating physician recommended that she obtain a second opinion from a Japanese physician. A friend residing in Japan delivered a pathology sample to a Japanese hospital, where an oncologist and an orthopedic surgeon examined it and delivered a second opinion.
Based on their test results and the patient’s medical records, the doctors concluded that the probability of malignancy was low. They could not, however, conclusively identify the cause of the pain that the patient was feeling, and consequently the patient decided to visit Japan four months later in order to undergo an extensive medical evaluation.

Med in Japan Newsletter No.3 December 2012