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Support for Visiting Japan

Flow from arrival in Japan to treatment (general cases)


  • Medical Access Japan is contacted by patients or medical institutions
  • Confirmation of symptoms: Medical history, diagnosis, current treatment, etc.
  • Ascertainment of patient’s wishes: Treatment methods, duration of stay in Japan, location of stay, procedure for travel to Japan, cost, payment method, obtaining a visa, facilities, equipment and services at the medical institution, etc.
  • Medical Access Japan proposes candidate medical institutions, and explains conditions for acceptance, such as treatment methods, cost and schedule, to the patient.
  • The medical institution is decided once the conditions are confirmed and accepted.
  • Medical Access Japan supports, or arranges the performance of, various procedures, including arrival in Japan and undergoing medical examinations.
    - Adjustment of schedules for treatment and surgery.
    - Support for procedures involved in travel to Japan, including dealing with visa applications, air tickets, hotel accommodations, etc.
    - Confirmation of payment method
  • Final confirmation of travel schedule

Travel to and stay in Japan

  • If necessary, doctors and/or interpreters meet patients at the airport, and/or transport is arranged from the airport
  • Tests and treatment in accordance with the schedule
    * Attendance by interpreters, and 24-hour access to call centers.

During and after return home

  • Dealing with flight tickets.
  • If necessary, handling transport to the airport, and/or accompanying the patient to the airport.
  • Sending the results of tests and treatments at Japanese medical institutions and explanatory details to the patient and/or medical institutions in the patient’s own country
  • If the patient wishes: Confirmation of progress by the Japanese medical institution, and support for a return to Japan for reexamination.


+81-3-3811-8600 (Japanese, English)
+81-3-3811-8271 (Russian)
+81-3-3811-8251 (Chinese)
* Calls from within China: 010-8586-0748
Inquiry Form
* Inquiries are free of charge, but in some cases an advance handling charge is required to determine if the patient can be accepted or not.

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