Complete Medical Checkup. Health Assessment

Health Assessment” to provide care before getting sick.


Health Assessment” to detect “undiagnosed medical conditions”

It is rare for a healthy person to suddenly become ill one day; in most cases, the person goes through a state of being susceptible to disease or showing early symptoms (this is called undiagnosed medical conditions “”). Early identification of this ” undiagnosed medical conditions ” and taking countermeasures to it will lead to disease prevention. Here are some methods for detecting undiagnosed medical conditions, or “health assessment”.

Blood and genetic testing:

These are tests that assess the risk of disease through specific markers or indicators, or to predict diseases for which there is a genetic risk.


Aminoindex is a technology that measures amino acid levels in the blood and uses them to assess the risk of various diseases. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of our bodies, and their imbalance is believed to increase the risk of various diseases. Aminoindex can be used to detect the risk of cancer and lifestyle-related diseases at an early stage, leading to prevention and early treatment.


LOX-index is an indicator of the activity of the enzyme lipoxygenase (LOX). Lipoxygenase is an enzyme involved in the inflammatory response in the body, and an increase in its activity indicates ongoing inflammation and oxidative stress. By measuring the LOX-index, the risk of diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke can be assessed.

Health Assessment Package

This package evaluates dietary habits, exercise habits, stress levels, etc. through a lifestyle questionnaire, and makes a comprehensive judgment based on the measurement results.

Health checkup for undiagnosed medical conditions by Chinese herbal medicine

Our partnered medical institution examines the degree of aging and risk factors for aging through measurements with special measuring devices and interviews. We will provide a service that offers “checkups for undiagnosed medical conditions ” and based on the results of these checkups, patients will be able to see a Chinese herbal medicine specialist and receive prescriptions for Chinese herbal medicines. The degree of aging is determined by measuring muscle age, vascular age, nerve age, hormonal age, and bone age, and its risk factors are examined for immunity, glycation, oxidation, mind-body, and lifestyle stress.

Bacteria health checkup

Stool samples are used to examine the bacterial flora in the large intestine in detail. The type and proportion of bacteria in the intestine are examined in detail, and our partnered medical institution will advise on dietary modifications, etc. For nutrients that are difficult to supplement through diet alone, our partnered medical institution will also offer a prescription service for supplements tailored to individual results.